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UUM Student Found Dead In Hostel Room From Alleged Electrocution, Father Seeks Futher Explanation

today26 May 2022


source: Facebook

Last Saturday (21 May), a 20-year-old accounting student died in her hostel room at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Sintok, Kedah.

The deceased, S Vinosiny is alleged to have suffered a fatal electric shock, which her relatives claim can be proved by the injuries on her body and post-mortem observations.

As authorities conduct their analyses at the campus, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) has pledged that there will be no cover-ups or deceit regarding death of the young girl.

Six officers from the Energy Commission as well as the police, according to a statement issued by the university’s corporate communications unit, have also visited the hostel grounds.

Besides that, Vice-Chancellor Haim of UUM, Dr Haim Hilman Abdullah was quoted in the same statement as declaring that the campus administration would cooperate fully and not suppress any details of the incident.

Dr Haim Hilman. (source: The Star)


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Written by: Lara Lee

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