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Najib Razak Publishes Heartfelt ‘Farewell’ Message To Family On Facebook Following Guilty Verdict

today24 August 2022


source: BBC

News of former Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak being sentenced to 12 years in prison along with a RM210 million fine swept across the nation yesterday; marking a notable conclusion to a hefty, unpredictable trial.

He is now known to be the first and only Prime Minister to be jailed.

Following that, the father of 5 took to Facebook to publish a heartfelt message to his family discussing the sacrifices he made throughout his political tenure of nearly 50 years.

Alongside a photo of him lounging in bed with an infant, presumably one of his grandkids, the caption read, “My family, my grandchildren, my love. Back in 1976, Daddy became active in politics and was involved in public service full time. Up to this day, from 46 years ago.

“46 years is a long time. Daddy chose to retain nenda‘s (grandparents’) legacy, continuing nenda‘s efforts. Daddy chose to work. The world of politics and public service has its…

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Written by: Lara Lee