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New Research Suggests That Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee May Have Died From Drinking Too Much Water

today25 November 2022


source: YouTube

Pictured above are the likeness and wise words of legendary martial artist and pop culture icon, Bruce Lee, taken from the famous interview where he uttered the quote.

Whether you’re a Bruce Lee fanatic or just know of him through reputation, one look at him and you could tell that the man was still in prime shape at the time of his passing.

At first, his autopsy ruled that he had died of brain swelling back in July 1973 in Hong Kong at the fairly young age of 32.

Recently, new research has brought to light that this might have been due to his high consumption of water.

β€œWater Can Flow Or It Can Crash”

A study published in an issue of the Clinical Kidney Journal reported that Lee drank too much water for his body to properly absorb which led him to contract hyponatraemia, which researchers believe to be the real cause of Bruce Lee’s death.

Hyponatraemia causes a person’s blood sodium…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan