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PDRM Explains PM’s Convoy Priority Over Ambulance But Netizens Are Still Not Having It

today27 December 2021


(source: WOB)

Recently, a video with the caption “Nyawa boleh tunggu, VIP jalan dulu #maluapabosskuwent viral on social media. It shows a four-wheel-drive and a Red Crescent ambulance waiting for a convoy of cars carrying the prime minister and others to pass through an intersection.

It is confirmed that the convoy was ferrying Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob from Taman Sri Nanding to Batu 16, Hulu Langat where the district was hit by large scale flooding last weekend.

The clip which was uploaded yesterday (26 Dec) caused an uproar among social media users.

Today (27 Dec), the police explained that asking an ambulance to make way for the prime minister’s convoy was due to safety concerns, according to Malaysiakini.

“As depicted in the video clip, had the traffic police…

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Written by: Karissa Lund