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Penang Association Slams myNews For Hesitance On Generational End Game Plan To Ban Tobacco

today1 August 2022


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Just last week, Khairy Jamaluddin delayed his suggested generational smoking ban application until 2025, as opposed to the previous proposal to start it next year. He also changed those who would be affected by this plan from the 2005 generation to the 2007 generation.

The generational endgame (GEG) plan would impact many people, including retailers who sell tobacco such as convenience stores and gas stations.

myNews Retail Sdn Bhd chimed into the conversation today and stated that over 500 of their outlets all over the country will lose out on their revenue.

MyNEWS to bring South Korea's CU brand to Malaysia | Malay Mail

The retailer believes that the ban will only incite the smuggling and sales of illegal cigarettes even more.

β€œWith a market share of over 60 per cent, the enforcement agencies are already struggling to stop the illegal cigarette trade.

β€œA total ban allows the smuggling syndicates to control the entire market. Will the enforcement agencies be able to stop this? The…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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