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Pet Shelter Urges People To Stop Using Mink Hair Eyelashes As They Aren’t ‘Cruelty-Free’

today30 June 2020


A quick search on Google with keywords such as ‘fur’ and ‘cruelty’ fetches over 12 million results, while a ‘mink’ and ‘cruelty’ combination fetches only 1.5 million results.

In a fact sheet, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) claimed that minks never needed to be ‘brushed’ and that they are violently killed on fur farms.

An article by Glamour Magazine, which…

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Written by: Yap Wan Xiang

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Social News

Bunga Ros 12 Kuntum RM20 Sahaja & ‘Fresh Flowers’ Lain Di Kedai Bunga Pasar Seni Ini. Wah!

Overall kalau nak cari bunga ros, daisy, orkid, kekwa memang kedai ni banyak jual borong. Harga murah compare kedai bunga lain area pasar seni. Beli yg dah siap gubah tu mahai weh, RM35-RM50. Btw kedai Lee Wah Florist ni buka jam 8.30 pagi tapi 8 pagi dah ramai beratur. Tadi aku datang hari Ahad, luckily stok masih banyak. Elok korang datang pagi sebab bunga masih fresh, banyak... Click here to […]

today30 June 2020

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