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Photo Of Ex-PM Najib Alongside Mystery Woman Surfaces On Twitter, Invokes Rumours Of Third Marriage

today19 May 2022


source: Twitter

All hell broke loose on Twitter this morning when a user reportedly leaked a photo of former Prime Minister, Dato β€˜Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak who is alleged to have a new wife.

The photo depicts Najib holding hands with several people believed to be members of the woman’s family.

Twitter users were quick to unveil the identity of the woman. Apparently, she’s named Shimah and is a former flight attendant. She’s also alleged to be a relative of the CEO of Malaysian Tourism Exchance (MATEX).

source: Twitter

However, there is still no official statement from Najib Razak following the spread of the photo on social media.

Netizens flooded the app with retweets and reposts, in utter disbelief. Some even said they could not picture him enamoured with any woman besidesΒ Datin Sri Hajah Rosmah Mansor. While some simply congratulated the β€˜new couple’, others had separate concerns, including the authenticity of…

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Written by: Lara Lee