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Police Claim Man Who Chanted Azan In Front Of Chinese Ghost King Effigy Is Mentally Ill

today2 August 2022


Yesterday (August 1), a video depicting the act of a man chanting Azan (call to prayer) in front of a paper effigy believed to be that of the Ghost King, Tai Su Yeah, at a Chinese tokong went viral on Facebook.

Through the clip shared by the World Religions Research Academy, the man clad in a songkok was seen committing the act at Pertubuhan Yulan Bukit Mertajam in Penang.

It is understood that the video was recorded around 2.30 pm on July 26, in line with an event held in conjunction with the Hungry Ghost Festival which is celebrated by Buddhists in July annually.

As per Chinese folk tales, this is the period when the gates of the lower domains are opened, allowing spirits to navigate the human world.

The sharing received various reactions among netizens whereby many criticised the man’s behaviour as they…

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Written by: Lara Lee