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PUBG Renamed As ‘Game Of Peace’ In China To Be less “Violent”

today9 May 2019


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China on Wednesday, shut down the global blockbuster “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” A.K.A PUBG, and swapped it with a game more- flowery- called “Game for Peace.”

Tencent Holdings Ltd ended its test version of the game in China and shifted users to a more patriotic video game which, unlike PUBG, focuses on keeping with the country’s socialist views.

Contrast to PUBG, that involves  violence and murder,  ‘Game For Peace’ pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard [China’s] airspace.

However, the game is similar to PUBG, despite Tencent insisting that “they are very different genres of games.”

Few things that are different from PUBG;

There will be no blood of any kind in the game when the user eliminate another person, – instead the avatar will kneel giving a box with his belongings and say goodbye by waving his hand.

The blue zone operation has been changed and now there’s only little coverage available.

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The characters will not lose health but will reduce the new signal bar. To reset this bar, painkillers or drinks will be found scattered around the map.

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What do you think of the game? Share us your thoughts!

Written by: Elyda

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