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Queen Elizabeth II Dies Peacefully At Her Scottish Estate After Reigning For 70 Years

today9 September 2022


source: Sky Sports

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and the nation’s figurehead, departed peacefully on Thursday (Sep 8) at the age of 96 at her home in Scotland, in which she had spent most of the summer season.

Since her accession to the throne in 1952, the Queen has observed substantial social transformations.

source: The Guardian

Her son, King Charles III, described his mother’s death as a β€œmoment of immense sadness” for him and his family, and said her loss would be β€œdeeply felt” across the globe.

β€œWe deeply grieve the passing of a treasured sovereign and a beloved mother. I know her loss will be felt deeply throughout the country, the realms, and the Commonwealth, as well as by innumerable people worldwide,” he stated, as per CNA.

During the mourning period, he said he and his family would be β€œconsoled and sustained by our understanding of the widespread respect and great…

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Written by: Lara Lee