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REV Media Group Launches REV ID To Unify All First-Party Data Across Their Websites

today25 October 2022


REV Media Group (β€œREV”) – Malaysia’s leading digital publisher, has just introduced REV ID which is a single sign-on feature that stitches together data across all RMG website data.

REV is home to over 35 sites (including JUICE, SAYS, New Straits Times, Vocket, OHBULAN!, VIRALCHAM! and more) with a distribution network that reaches out to overΒ 13.3 million people on a monthly basis.

To provide both users and advertisers an optimum experience, REV uses the best-in-class technologies like Adtech & Martech (Advertising & Marketing technology) to maintain its position as the largest consolidated and unified collection of media assets in Malaysia.

REV ID combines first-party data from across all of RMG’s sites, including new additions in Digital Out-Of-Home (BIGTREE), E-commerce (WOWSHOP), and On-ground (Jom Heboh) data, to create a unique singular audience.

Now with the help of Adtech & Martech (Advertising &…

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Written by: Syakir Roslan

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