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Rodrigo Santoro From ‘Project Power’ Wants To Teleport To Malaysia?!

today12 August 2020


Fly’s AM Mayhem had an exclusive interview with Rodrigo Santoro for the ever so awaited film Project Power that will be out only on 14th August 2020!

Watch Rodrigo Santoro choose which superpower is his favourite down below: 

We wouldn’t mind that power to0!

Project Power follows the story of a former soldier (Jamie Foxx) that lost his daughter to the villains, and he eventually teams up with a cop (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to find the source behind a dangerous pill that provides temporary superpowers.

But that five minutes of power comes with an unexpected death, that might result in you exploding to smithereens! Watch as the teenage dealer, a local cop and the former soldier band together to take down the group responsible for its creation.

Rodrigo Santoro goes on to explain that he wouldn’t box the character he plays Biggie as someone evil and malicious, but rather a man who has insecurities and a past just like each one of us, simply said human beings are way too complex to be put in a box.

“I really never look at a character being bad or good, human beings are just too complex for us to say this is blue or this is yellow. It’s not like that, a lot of grey areas. I do think that the way he does things could have had that reading of a sort of Robin Hood vibe. I think deep down Biggie was insecure, you know the scene when Art comes in and the whole thing goes down, he becomes like a little kid, really scared and all that smooth guy, confidant just disappeared.” 

He also shared with Fly’s AM Mayhem, his favourite power in the entire film, but his all-time superpower that he dreamed of as a kid was to be able to teleport! You and me both!

“In the film, I would have to say invisibility! I like the power but when I was a kid, I always fantasized teleportation! Just being here right now, then boom! I’m in Malaysia, then boom! I’m in Bali. Let’s go boom! And you’re just there. It’s not in the film but that’ll be a fun power to have.”

The actor, like many of us uses music as a “power” source for motivation and getting ourselves in the zone.

Rodrigo shares that he indeed does have a personal playlist that he listens to, to play his character Biggie. The film was shot in New Orleans so it was only perfect for him to vibe out to jazz!

“I love music, music is present during my day and night! I always do, kind of like playlists to the characters that I play, for Biggie I think I put like some jazz! We were working in New Orleans and usually when I go to a place I like to listen to local musicians’ and I remember I went down the streets in New Orleans and then I bought some CDs, and I was listening to a lot of those guys when I was shooting this.”  

Check the trailer down below: 

Don’t forget to catch the film out on 14th August 2020!

Also, if you are interested, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays Frank in the film and HITRECORD are looking for Malaysian musicians, rappers, singers and artists to collaborate with on an original song, music video, and all kinds of art inspired by the new film, Project Power! They’re looking for rappers, vocalists, musicians, and artists of all kinds to answer a central question in the film:

“What is your power?”

If you’ve got the chops, what are you waiting for!




Written by: Varesha

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