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Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty Finally Responded To *That* Patrick Starrr’s Video

today14 September 2020


ICYMI, on September 6, beauty guru Patrick Starrr posted a video on his YouTube channel where he tried out all of Selena’s Rare products, offering his thoughts on each as he went. His video ended on a positive note, with the YouTuber shouting out the concealer, blush, and lip balm as his favorite pieces in the line. “Overall, I love the brand. It’s very clean, fresh, natural.”

However, some fans took issue with his review, accusing Patrick of comparing Selena’s products to his own and using the video to advertise his own brand, ONE/SIZE Beauty. “I feel like if you don’t actually want to promote brands other than your own, then just don’t do reviews,” one fan commented on the video. Another fan stated, “He literally compares his brand to hers the whole time.”

And now Selena’s brand has officially responded. On September 10, the brand tweeted that they were “so thrilled” by all of the positive feedback about the line so far, adding that it’s been “uplifting to see how much love and support we’re receiving from the community for our brand mission and our products.”

Rare also continues to note that everyone has different opinions and preferences when it comes to makeup, and that not every product is going to work the same way for everyone. “That’s okay!” the official account wrote in a follow-up tweet before addressing Patrick’s video directly: “@patrickstarrr is such a positive voice in this community and an incredible creator and entrepreneur so let’s all show him nothing but love!”

See? The maturity that they have.. Uhhh we stan. 

Written by: Aqilah Najwa

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