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Senior Police Says PDRM Are Not Responsible to Get Scam Victims’ Money Back

today8 June 2022


Now and then, we will be inundated with reports of folks being conned online.

This occurs so often that you would believe our police department is now taking action to put a stop to it. After all, this is the only rational measure to prevent other individuals from being duped out of hundreds, if not thousands, of ringgit.

This is far from the reality with Malaysian authorities still baffled about how to deal with fraudsters.

Victim Successfully Traced Scammer

When Shahrul Ashraf Sallehuddin, 38, saw an RM720 Sharp R32 1HP air conditioner on Facebook on May 25, he was intrigued.

He made the order without hesitation since the pricing was low and seemed to be a good deal. The seller who went by the name Isaac Chooi asked Shahrul to transfer an upfront payment of RM570.

It wasn’t suspicious at first as the payment was made to a company account and the seller provided him with an invoice of his purchase.

The seller soon…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman

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