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Fly's AM Mayhem

Should Premier League Restart Or Resume Their Season?

today12 May 2020


In Fly’s AM Mayhem podcast dated May 12, Hafiz, Guibo and RD go head to head on a hot topic- Should the Premier League restart or resume their season?

At the moment, BPL are in talks to get back into the season and continue the matches behind closed doors.

RD strongly disagrees that the premier league should resume.

β€œHere’s my argument, you’ve had about two months of just not playing football… your players are very- very over weight right now…It’s not gonna work! And plus, Liverpool has the advantage, you can’t give a team like that an advantage after being on hiatus for two months!”- RD


RD’s solution to this?

Restart! Reset the whole thing…it’s like a game,Β you know when you die? You restart everything. It should be like that…Kosong- kosong! The score board should be ZERO” -RD

Currently, Liverpool are only two games away from winning the Premier League title.

Would you agree with RD?

Guibo disagrees and says:

β€œThey should probably just resume it” -Guibo

One other person who disagrees with RD is their boss, Seelan Paul! (A.K.A a strong Liverpool fan)

β€œI think we should resume… If Liverpool were to win it, we gotta win it properly lah. Just like any football fan, we want to win it deservingly, so we earn it.”- Seelan Paul


Fly’s AM Mayhem also took a poll on whether the premier league should restart or resume their season?

So RD, if you want to get your full gaji this month, it’s probably best to agree with the boss, no??? – Just kidding!

RD has a lot more opinion about the topic. Listen here for the full length convo!

Written by: Elyda

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