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Kelantan Student Who Went Viral For Writing ‘F*ck Cikgu’ On School Uniform Apologises

People managed to identify the motorcycle owner and started circulating his images, accusing him of being the person in the viral photo.However, the actual Form Five student involved took to Facebook to clear the air. His post read, "I openly admit my wrongdoings and for writing profanities as well as insulting teachers on the back of my school uniform." "The motorcycle I used is also not mine and the owner […]

today8 March 2021

Social News

63 SPM Candidates Fined For Taking Celebration To The Streets After Last Paper

According to Harian Metro, the incident took place on Wednesday, 4 March.Police had carried out a Special Ops (Exhaust modification and monitoring of SPM candidates) at Jalan Pantai Puteri dan Dataran Klebang for about five hours from 3pm to 8pm.ο»Ώ While speaking to a reporter, one of the candidates said, "We have been granted independence, we have finished the exams. Today we want to enjoy a little."

today5 March 2021