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S’porean Man Offers Free Ride To Hitchers Who Let Him Strip Nude & Touch Himself While Driving

today12 January 2023


source: BetterTeam

Kinks come in all shapes and forms, but which moniker is appropriate for this Singaporean driver’s desire to drive his passengers to their destinations in the nude and masturbating while he’s at it?

One such instance was captured in a screenshot posted to a Facebook page for private driving services.

The female passenger claimed that the ride, from Singapore General Hospital to Wisteria Mall in Yishun, had been confirmed at a fixed rate via Telegram, and all was well until he suddenly sent her a shockingly lewd text:

source: Singapore Private Hire Car Drivers & Riders Community / Facebook

Not only did he make a casual inappropriate request, but also asserted that it was a habit of his to offer free rides to customers who gave in to his wishes with a guarantee that he would not touch them and vice versa.

The passenger retaliated by stating that she was a Muslim woman and that the driver’s sentiments were…

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Written by: Lara Kramer