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S’porean Woman Consumes 4.5L Of Her Own Breast Milk During Japan Holiday To Avoid Wastage

today4 January 2023


source: Healthline

Motherhood can be tricky, and breastfeeding women know that all too well. That’s why women worldwide sympathised with this 29-year-old woman who chose to down 4.5 litres of her EBM (expressed breast milk) to avoid wastage.

The woman, known as Jemie Lim, shared her plight on TikTok. She revealed in the video that she, her husband and 3-month-old child had just returned from Hokkaido, Japan:

@jemielimtiktok I drank 4450ML of my own breastmilk in Hokkaido My initial plan was to store my expressed breastmilk (ebm) in hotel freezer but unexpected circumstances happened so only first day of my ebm being stored and brought back to Singapore successfully #Motherhood #Breastmilk #Travelpumping ♬ original sound – Jemielimtiktok

During the holiday, she had the idea to freeze her EBM in the hotel’s fridge but was disappointed to learn that not all packets of her EBM had been entirely frozen. She had only…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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