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Enfagrow A+ Celebrates Launch Of New Milk Formula For Child Growth With Virtual Roadshow

This month-long first ever virtual reality show is accessible to ALL Malaysians, and you can join from the comfort of your home! The concept of virtual reality is used for this event to allow parents to participate in exciting games with their children. Plus, you'll learn more about a child's immunity system and intellectual development from experts and celebrity mums.In fact, a lively and engaging discussion marked the beginning of […]

today27 January 2021

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Morning Or Night – Is There Actually A ‘Best Time’ To Drink Milk?

We've all grown up drinking milk. Some believe the best time to enjoy a glass of milk is in the morning, while others say the best time is just before bed. But is there any truth in either statement? Is there really an optimal time to drink milk? In collaboration with Dutch Lady, we decided to investigate! :P With a wide array of nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, protein,... Click […]

today4 August 2020

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Survey Reveals Malaysian Mums’ Top Concerns About Maternal Milk & Formula Powder For Kids

TrackEasy Milk Traceability System allows parents to track the full journey of Frisomum Gold and Friso Gold, from the source to their home. That way mums and dads can be sure they’re delivering the best natural nutrition to their children. The smart packaging innovation consists of a QR code at the bottom of the 900g tins. By scanning the code, parents can track the full... Click here to read the […]

today18 June 2020