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S’poreans React To M’sian Chicken Export Ban By Listing ‘Limited Edition’ Chicken Dishes For RM9600 On Carousell

today1 June 2022


source: Cookidoo

A few Singaporeans have countered the new Malaysian chicken export restrictions by listing chicken products on Carousell at exorbitant price rates, deeming them “rare” and “limited edition” goods.

The sarcastic listings, however, seem to to be mere jokes as locals try to seek banter in the export ban, which has come into practice starting today.

An analysis on Carousell Singapore revealed a listing for a S$1,510 takeaway box of Hainanese roasted chicken rice from a food stalls. This is equivalent to RM4,830.

“Get this before chicken rice becomes history,” the seller advised.

The export limitations for chicken products on Malaysian grounds stems from a recent, ongoing chicken shortage.

Previously, on May 23, the Malaysian government declared that it would suspend the trade of 3.6 million chickens per month beginning June 1 in attempt to face domestic supply constraints.

This, along with the recent

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Written by: Lara Lee