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Sungai Chua Flat Unit Vandalised As Inhabitants Are ‘Too Noisy’ & Disruptive

today4 August 2022


For illustration purposes only. (source: iProperty)

Living in close proximity may lead to unsurprising conflicts and tension, but how much is too much?

A resident living at a local flat definitely had their fill of a “Neighbour from Hell” and chose to convey this message to them in the form of purple spray paint.

A Tiktok video published 3 days ago (August 1) captured the words rumah suka bising, which roughly translates to ‘noisy house’ written in violet capital letters; communicating the issue in a pretty straightforward manner.

@enridwan Biar kita miskin harta jangan miskin Adap . Kesian jiran hadap hari-hari jiran macam nie. Agent pening macam mana nak jual rumah kalau jiran macam gini😅#rumahbusuk#propertyagent ♬ original sound – Ridwan Ibrahim

Watch here if the video does not load.

If you watched the video with the volume on, you’ll probably see where the culprit is coming from.

Netizens were also…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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