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The Return of Mahsuri’s Seventh Generation Descendant in Langkawi Surprises Locals

today4 August 2022


Mahsuri (source: Iluminasi)

Do you remember hearing about the legend of Mahsuri who was stabbed for a false accusation of infidelity?

After her stabbing, she was said to bleed out white blood that proved her innocence and had told the people of Langkawi that their land would be cursed by bad luck for 7 generations.

Recently, the Langkawi arrival of Mahsuri’s seventh-generation descendant, Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi, who is now 37 years old, and her son, who is an eighth-generation descendant, has created a great deal of excitement on the island.

Wan Aishah Wan Nawawi (source: Facebook)

Aishah was born in 1986 and has been living in Phuket, Thailand since she was a little child.

When the island of Langkawi was granted duty-free status, it is thought that she broke the curse that had been placed on Mahsuri’s descendants, who were of the seventh generation.

Since yesterday, users of various social media sites, as well as tourist…

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Written by: Aqasha Aiman

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