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Survey by WAO Shows Majority of M’sians Think Domestic Violence is Normal & Rape is A Woman’s Fault

today15 November 2021


Women's Day march set for March 8 | Malaysia | Malay Mail
source: Malay Mail

Time and time again, women’s issues and their right for autonomy has been diluted into fruitless and circuitous online fights due to Malaysia’s reluctance to change.

Because internet users often seek solace in their respective comfort bubbles, it may seem like the problem is slowly fading into obscurity but, a recent study by rights group Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) on violence against women (VAW) has shown that less than half of the respondents support gender equality.

That’s not all, the survey also revealed several other glaring problems within the mindset of certain Malaysians.

Here are the results of the poll…

53.3 per cent believe that domestic violence is “normal”

Covid-19: With 'stay-at-home' order enforced, domestic violence back on the rise in Malaysia | Malaysia | Malay Mail
source: Malay Mail

Domestic violence (DV) can range from physical to even emotional abuse. During the pandemic, it has been reported that domestic violence cases has shot up to an obscene amount and that some Malaysians cited…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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