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Johor Religious Authority Says Its Investigation Found Illi Najwa Has Never Left Islam

Manpreet donned a ceremonial Punjabi wedding suit complete with a turban, while Illi Najwa was wearing a Punjabi bridal costume when they exchanged matrimonial vows on 16 December.Illi Najwa managed to secure special permission from the Malaysian authorities and India's Minister of Home Affairs to fly to New Delhi, en route to Manpreet's hometown, according to New Straits Times.She left for India via the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on […]

today20 March 2021

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Husband Kills Wife In PJ After She Finds Out About His Second Wife Through A TikTok

The suspect told the police that an argument broke out between him and his wife on 8 February around 10pm after she saw a TikTok video of him with another woman.During the fight, the man slapped and punched her until she was unconscious. He then fled the scene and went to Klang, where his second wife lived. The police arrested the man the next day at a construction site near […]

today10 February 2021