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McD SG ‘Reunites’ Separated M’sian Families In Tear-Jerking Ramadan Ad

The commercial begins with Samsuri, a Malaysian Muslim who has been stuck in Singapore for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is working as a McDonald's delivery rider.Samsuri explains how this year's Ramadan is very different for him as he will be celebrating it alone since all his family members, that includes seven siblings, a wife, and a daughter, are in Malaysia.According to him, he was supposed […]

today18 April 2021

Social News

This Touching M’sian Christmas Video Tells The Tale Of A Girl Who Dreams To Become A Pilot

With the year-end festivities dawning upon us, Digi wants to encourage Malaysians to continue supporting and inspiring loved ones and those around us to continue chasing after their aspirations as 2021 approaches.Β Β β€œThrough this difficult year, it is heartening to see Malaysians rallying together to show support, whether it is as simple as supporting a local business or offering emotional support to those who may be going through a tough time," […]

today23 December 2020