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Dashcam Captures Motorcyclist Colliding With A Car Making U-Turn Near Seri Kembangan

In the footage posted across Facebook and Twitter, the Proton Wira driver is seen moving along the left lane with the middle lane empty and the vehicle with the dashcam in the right lane following behind.However, the driver suddenly decides to make a U-turn while he is barely a couple of meters away from missing the U-turn spot and slows down to cut lanes to enter into the right lane.Seeing […]

today6 March 2021

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Why Are New Car Prices Going Up Not Just In Malaysia

You would think that a more affordable, lower-priced product will have a wider appeal than a higher-priced one. For decades, that used to be true.Except for a few outliers, the cheapest model of a car manufacturer's range is always the company's No 1 seller, think Volkswagen Beetle (the air-cooled one), Austin Mini, Ford Escort, and Datsun Sunny. This is no longer true in many markets, where higher-priced SUVs are now […]

today21 January 2021

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[QUIZ] React To These Everyday Situations & We’ll Guess What Kind Of M’sian Driver You Are

No matter what kind of vehicle you're driving, Continental has got you covered for all your tyre needs. With their wide range of tyres, each crafted to exact specifications, Continental is committed to delivering excellence.Their tyres are vigorously tested, and the results are confirmed repeatedly by independent tests around the world. Their tyres must also pass hundreds of vehicle manufacturers’ stringent tests to ensure they perform to the highest standards.So, […]

today24 December 2020

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[VIDEO] Car Cuts Into Left Lane And Hits Motorcycle Before Flipping Over On KESAS Highway

At 7.56am Saturday, 19 December, the driver of a car hit a motorcycle rider after cutting into the left lane, according to a dashcam footage Image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook) (GIF by SAYS) The accident happened on the KESAS Highway After hitting the motorcyclist, the car then lost control and collided against the parapet wall. The impact caused the car to turn and skid for several metres before it […]

today19 December 2020