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Dashcam Captures Motorcyclist Colliding With A Car Making U-Turn Near Seri Kembangan

In the footage posted across Facebook and Twitter, the Proton Wira driver is seen moving along the left lane with the middle lane empty and the vehicle with the dashcam in the right lane following behind.However, the driver suddenly decides to make a U-turn while he is barely a couple of meters away from missing the U-turn spot and slows down to cut lanes to enter into the right lane.Seeing […]

today6 March 2021

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UPM Issues Statement After Staff Allegedly Caught Shouting Profanities In Road Rage Video

However, in what seemed to be retaliation, the black car started to tail him and honk non-stop from behind."I just honked when I saw her trying to make a U-turn and cut into my lane. The long honking that you hear was all her because she tried to provoke me by driving too close to my car," Fadzli tweeted.As captured on video, they both happened to stop side by side […]

today5 February 2021

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[VIDEO] Several Motorcyclists Captured Falling On Jalan Kuching Due To Slippery Road

The incident, in which the riders appeared to have escaped without any major injuries, happened at around 9.23am, according to the timestamp of the dashcam footage that has since gone viral.The riders were on Jalan Kuching heading to Kuala Lumpur city centre, before the Segambut roundabout, when they appeared to lose the balance of their motorcycles and fell amidst the moving traffic.

today2 January 2021

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[VIDEO] Car Cuts Into Left Lane And Hits Motorcycle Before Flipping Over On KESAS Highway

At 7.56am Saturday, 19 December, the driver of a car hit a motorcycle rider after cutting into the left lane, according to a dashcam footage Image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook) (GIF by SAYS) The accident happened on the KESAS Highway After hitting the motorcyclist, the car then lost control and collided against the parapet wall. The impact caused the car to turn and skid for several metres before it […]

today19 December 2020