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Father Scolds Teacher For Not Waking His Daughter Up For Online Class

"In addition to regularly keeping contact through our handphones or guidance during online lessons, children themselves need to be self-disciplined,"Β the teacher said.The teacher added that it was indeed difficult for them to wake their students up because students were not staying on campus as they used to be."I'm sorry, I know you're also busy with work... I won't push all responsibility to you either, but from your message, I think […]

today3 May 2021

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UPSR To Be Abolished From Now On And PT3 Is Cancelled For 2021

He explained that the Ministry of Education (MOE) has been looking into methods of conducting and implementing primary school assessments used by other countries."Based on that, we then proceed with thorough engagement sessions with the stakeholders, namely headmasters, teachers, the Parent-Teacher Associations, students, and related associations β€” involving more than 1,700 participants nationwide," Radzi told reporters.He related that teachers, who gave feedback through the... Click here to read the full […]

today28 April 2021

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“Tell Me At Which School”

"If it happens, tell me at which school, so action can be taken," said Education Minister Datuk Mohd Radzi Md Jidin when asked to comment about the allegations of sexual harassment in boarding schools at a media conference on Monday, 26 April.The practice of period spot checks came to light on social media when several victims described how teachers conducted physical checks on them to prove they are menstruating as […]

today27 April 2021

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MARA To Start Probe On Sexual Harassment Claims In Schools

She said this is to ensure a safe and conducive educational environment, free from the harassment and exploitation of young women and children."MARA will provide full cooperation to the authorities to ensure the image and credibility of its institutions is always preserved," Azizah said.The chairman was responding to calls by women's organisations, which urged both MARA and the Ministry of Education (MOE) to set up an investigation panel into allegations […]

today23 April 2021

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Got A Cool Teacher You Love? Nominate Them For This Award To Honour Their Passion

"They have gone above and beyond as teachers, so in recognition of their passion and effort, we want to continue celebrating them in our fifth Anugerah Guru Inspirasi. McDonald's Malaysia is committed to making sure teachers know they are appreciated and thank them for making a positive difference in the lives of their students," he said.Azmir added, "A teacher is arguably one of the most important roles in our society […]

today1 April 2021

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Mum Shows Off Home-Cooked Food After Daughter Was Laughed At For Bringing Tiffin To School

"I didn't expect the photo to go viral. There were many opinions and I'm thankful for the many positive ones and the encouragement for my daughter despite the negative comments. But it's alright, that is everyone's personal opinion," she wrote on Facebook."However, this one comment affected me because it said I did it for attention."The comment called the mother "hungry for attention" and said the containers are bothersome because they […]

today11 March 2021