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Lockdown Is Making Children More Emotionally Tired & Wrecked. Here’s How To Deal With Them

A quick and simple technique called the 'Rapid Resets' (RR) helps to de-escalate a stressed child, helps children to build resilience, calms the central nervous systems, and brings their "thinking brains" back online.In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home stress, family abuse/violence, racism, and religious discriminatory, empathy has taken a back seat. Stress and trauma trigger a response in the amygdala (the survival part of the brain that […]

today30 January 2021

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The Pandemic Has Been A Blessing In Disguise For My Marriage

With the pandemic came government orders telling people to stay home. And since my husband has to work from home, I now feel the joy and happiness of having him with me 24/7.At the initial phase, it was quite weird to see my husband at home every day but, as time went by, the feeling of appreciation and gratefulness became so strong that I don't want him to go outstation […]

today25 October 2020