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Ladies, Watsons Is Celebrating You With Health Talks, A Fitness Challenge & So Much More

She will be sharing about a woman's health journey, from one's teenage years to adulthood, followed by common concerns about ageing.Did you know that every woman goes through three to four important stages in life? This includes puberty, conceiving and pregnancy, middle age, and menopause. Each stage is crucial in a woman's life, and has different nutritional needs.It's important to know how to meet all these needs, as this will […]

today8 March 2021

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Reach Your 2021 New Year’s Resolution Fitness Goals With Proviton STR’s #31DaysChallenge

Coupled with your exercise routine, Proviton STR effervescents ensure that you're at the top of your game when you workout! The Proviton STR pre-sport effervescent contains high doses of vitamin B and C, minerals, as well as vital amino acids like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline that produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps transport oxygen throughout your body. Besides that, the Proviton STR post-sport effervescent offers more than just isotonics; it has […]

today25 January 2021

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Guy Looks Like A Model After Losing 70KG And People Are Shook

Losing weight can be a continuous struggle for many. But one guy, who recently went viral on social media, shows us that it's never too late to make a change. Japanese YouTuber Ruibosu recently shared a video of his incredible weight loss transformation, where he dropped a whopping 70kg! His video, which was posted on 12 August, has since garnered over 2.6 million... Click here to read the full article. […]

today2 September 2020

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KL Gym Accused Of Cyberbullying A Woman Shares Their “Side Of The Story”

Over the week, there was an incident involving a woman and a local gym in which the gym was accused of bullying and shaming the woman after she enquired about its free weight loss programme We reported about the incident via the woman's public posts that she had made on her social media accounts. Meanwhile, our attempts to reach out to the gym for comments were ignored. When we... Click […]

today23 May 2020