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A new battle for medics

The Malaysian medical team that went to the last Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were used to preparing for eventualities like sickness or injuries to athletes. But Tokyo 2020 presents a new challenge as never before.

today20 July 2021

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Tajuddin Claims Malaysian Meat Cartels Are A Monopoly That Bully Smaller Local Businesses

However, Tajuddin said he is unsure if the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government followed through with his suggestion after BN lost the 14th General Election (GE14).He explained that local and foreign cartels had a collusive working relationship that prevented new players from thrivingο»Ώ in the market, which was why he started working with new suppliers in India.Tajuddin added that although he is aware that the cartels are the monopoly in the […]

today25 January 2021

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JHEAINS Inspects A Kuala Pilah Kopitiam After Complaints That It Is Frequented By Muslims

"I never knew roti bakar and kopi also got halal and haram," commented a netizen."If that's the case then all shops should carry signs 'Islam Sahaja' for Muslim shops and 'Bukan Islam Sahaja' for other shops. Then people can eat and drink in peace without being harassed."Another netizen said that since the enforcement officers were already there, why don't they try the kopitiam's roti bakar and half-boiled eggs as they […]

today9 January 2021

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People Are Angry At Jaya Grocer For Closing Its Puncak Alam Outlet’s Non-Halal Section

"What in the world were you thinking, Jaya Grocer? Anyway, how sensitive is this? We seem to only be sensitive to one group of people. What about the sensitivity of people from other faiths ... This is the silliest, stupidest, insensitive gesture I have ever come across. No, forgive me, I tell a lie. It is one of the many silliest things happening in this country. I may only be […]

today5 December 2020

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OldTown White Coffee May Sue Individuals Over A Claim That It Serves Pork

The 42-second video went viral last week. The man can be heard claiming that the char siew meat in the dish is pork as he uses a kitchen knife to flip the toppings around."The red meat you see here is pork. Don't eat it. My friend bought it for me and I almost ate it. Luckily, I checked," the man claims.The dish in the video seems to resemble an item […]

today16 November 2020