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Malaysian Slams Food Delivery Rider’s Ethic & Netizens…Slam Him Back

“What shop I order my lunch from is NONE of their business…”



Overreacting or necessary?


With the pandemic at large, the government has imposed the “no dine-in” rule at restaurants – which means people must either cook at home or order their meals online and have them delivered. The latter was the choice of this fellow Malaysian. However, he shared a screenshot of his conversation with the rider who delivered the meal, expressing his dissatisfaction with the rider’s message.



The rider opens the conversation by informing the customer that the restaurant he is ordering from is a Chinese restaurant (i.e. may not be halal). The customer then responds, justifying his order, “Ye, says order untuk boss (Yes, I’m ordering for my boss)” and the conversation ends with the rider saying he’s just letting the customer know.


Photo via Twitter


The customer went on to tweet:


“But since the poor chap had good intentions, I will give him a tip and tell him to mind his own ******* business.”


However, it’s the caption of the tweet with the screenshotted message that seems to raise the ire of netizens.


Photo via Twitter 


This user said: “He’s just informing, no need to be angry. If you want to make noise next time pick it up yourself. Might seem like no big deal to you but it is for others.”


Photo via Twitter


This person said: “He doesn’t know that you’re ordering for your boss, he’s just informing, are you dense or what? What do you eat to the point that you become dense?”



This person went: “This is among the people that make humans lose trust among each other….”



After facing backlash, the original poster justified his case in the thread: “My point is simple: Don’t comment on the customer’s business with your employers. It’s not your responsibility as a rider and your employee doesn’t set the policies correctly. The blame is on the COMPANY, not the rider. Read properly who I’m criticizing, and who I gave a tip to.”



What are your thoughts on this issue; should riders warn customers about where they’re ordering from, or is this customer overreacting?


*Cover Image Credits: Twitter

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