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Annuar Musa Has Been Sacked As BN’s Secretary-General

According to Saifullah, Annuar pre-empted party decisions and can be seen as a spokesman for Bersatu.In response, Annuar said he is seeing changes in UMNO, whereby Malay matters, as well as the people's concerns, are no longer discussed in party meetings this year."What we hear are calls to reject Malay solidarity and verbal attacks among one another. DAP can afford to smile now," Bernama quoted him as saying.

today5 January 2021

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Top Malaysian Political Stories In 2020

On 4 December, Malaysia fell into another political impasse when former Perak MB Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu failed to garner enough votes of confidence during the state legislative assembly.He resigned the next day and started a statewide political maneouvering, where even opposition party DAP offered itself to join UMNO to form a multi-racial state government.However, the offer was quickly rejected.As politicians from Bersatu, UMNO, PAS, and others wrestled for […]

today18 December 2020

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Saarani Mohamad Sworn In As Perak’s New Chief Minister

The state has 59 assembly seats. UMNO holds 25 seats, Bersatu five, PAS three, Gerakan one, and independent one.Pakatan Harapan (PH) commands 24 seats, with DAP holding 16 seats, Amanah five, and PKR three.A simple majority of 30 seats is needed to form the new state government.In a vote of no-confidence last Friday, Faizal only received 10 votes in support of him, while 48 voted against him and one abstention, […]

today10 December 2020

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Bayaran BPN 2.0 Telah Dikreditkan Ke Akaun Bank Mulai Hari Ini

Umum sedia maklum, bayaran fasa pertama BPN 2.0 berjumlah RM7 bilion akan disalurkan kepada 10.6 juta penerima BPN sedia ada mengikut kategori isi rumah dan individu bujang, secara berperingkat bermula 26 Oktober ini.Pecahan bayaran fasa pertama BPN 2.0 berjumlah RM4.8 bilion bagi kategori pertama penerima adalah isi rumah B40 yang akan menerima RM1,000 sementara RM500 kepada 3.8 juta kumpulan B40 bujang.Manakala kumpulan ketiga adalah 1.4 juta isi rumah M40 akan […]

today22 October 2020

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Almost 70% Of Malaysians Are Satisfied With PM Muhyiddin’s Performance

According to him, this is exemplified by the large majority of approval gained by PN and MN, despite some contrary views put forth by some leaders in the coalition."In our view, this increase of Malay voter support takes place on the back of a positive management of the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid response in dispensing financial aid to affected low-income households and businesses, as well... Click here to read the full […]

today3 September 2020

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6 Times MPs’ Questions Were Ignored Or Dismissed In The 14th Parliament So Far

After Mohamad Ariff was ousted, former deputy Nga Kor Ming relinquished his position in solidarity with the former's removal, reported New Straits Times.His resignation came ahead of the motion for his removal in the Dewan Rakyat during lunchtime.When the Parliament reconvened after the break, Premier Muhyiddin withdrew his motion to remove Nga as the deputy speaker since the latter had... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today18 July 2020

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UMNO Leaders Show Willingness For A Snap Election To Restore Political Stability

"One day, (the numbers) are in my court, and the next day, it is in your (PH) court. Then, it is in my (PN) court. Let's stop this uncertainty and let's have the general elections," Nazri told Free Malaysia Today on 16 June.Nazri said the election should be held at parliamentary and state levels as there is a lot of uncertainty in the states as well.The former de facto law minister... Click […]

today26 June 2020

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FaceApp’s Gender Swap Feature Turns Our Malaysian Politicians Into Glamorous Leaders

Now that FaceApp is going viral for the same reason, it is only fair that we do the same to 18 political leaders of the new Cabinet line-up, along with four other famous figures.FaceApp is a photo editing app developed in Russia. Its latest feature is able to process a photo of a human and turn them into their opposite sex more convincingly than Snapchat's filter... Click here to read the […]

today22 June 2020

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“RM2 Million Is Like Pocket Money For Me” — UMNO’s Putrajaya MP Tengku Adnan

The RM2,000,000, however, is like "pocket money" for the former Federal Territories Minister, according to his own admission in the Kuala Lumpur High Court earlier today, 5 March.According to New Straits Times, Tengu Adnan, who is also known as Ku Nan, was testifying on the third day of his defence in the High Court when deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Julia Ibrahim asked him to explain... Click here to read the […]

today13 June 2020