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Home Baker Alleges That 2 Delivery Riders Ate Her Customers’ CNY Cookies

"Both deliveries had different riders, and they seemed to know each other because they were chatting in front of my house after I handed them my customers' cookies," she recounted.Linly said she couldn't believe it when her customers started to send her a barrage of angry messages awhile later."They messaged me 'Is this how you sell your cookies?', 'Your service sucks', 'So disappointed', 'I feel cheated by you', 'Why my […]

today8 February 2021

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Rapid KL Staff Helps Pregnant Woman Deliver Baby In Puchong Prima LRT Station

To celebrate Shahira's courageous and life-saving response, Rapid KL said its parent company β€” Prasarana Malaysia Berhad β€” held a mini celebration at its headquarters in Menara UOA, Bangsar, reported New Straits Times.The group's chief operations officer Datin Norlia Noah handed over a token of appreciation on behalf of the company and lauded her bravery.Talking about Prasarana employees' skills, Norlia said all Prasarana frontliners go through training to face critical […]

today9 November 2020

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Dog Rescuer Grateful For RM50 From An Abang Who Saw She Needed Help

"As I came out from the toilet with water in a styrofoam box that was earlier used to contain my breakfast, this Malay man seeing I had trouble opening my car door helped me instead," Yeap told Malay Mail.The abang, as she called him in her Facebook post, then saw the dog in the passenger seat and immediately asked her if there was anything wrong."I told himΒ that I had recently […]

today7 August 2020