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Man Beaten Up & Arrested For Video Disparaging Islam & Insulting Prophet Muhammad

today18 July 2022


source: Facebook

Of late, insults and jokes of religious nature seem to be growing in notoriety, with more and more people fearlessly uploading offensive videos mocking religion on social media, deliberately arousing the anger of many.

A recent case came to light when celebrity preacher PU Syed or Ummah Trigger Syed Bakri Al-Yahya reposted a video yesterday of a man, known as Muzil Juling, insulting Prophet Muhammad and Islam as a whole.

In the clip, the man clad in a black t-shirt was seen asking questions to the Muslim community, presumed to be an attempt to challenge and insult the religion. He also equates the Prophet Muhammad to a scapegoat, and Allah to a pig.

A rough translation of the man’s statement would read, β€œTo you Malay-Muslim pigs, your Prophet Muhammad is actually a scapegoat, and your Allah is a pig too. Islam is wretched. I challenge you to respond to this.”

He also noted that he was willing to be…

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Written by: Lara Lee