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[VIDEO] When Your Wife Wants Satay But All The Stalls Tepi Jalan Are Closed. How Lah!

Introducing A&W's new Satay Series! Consisting of a Burger and a Coney, this range will satisfy your satayΒ cravings at any time of the day! Enjoy the succulent chicken or beef patty dipped in sweet peanut sauce with onions and cucumbers, sandwiched between two sesame seed buns. Or go for Coney, where the sausage is drenched with peanut sauce, and topped with onions and cucumber in a hot dog bun. Oof […]

today18 November 2020

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Netizen Uses Maths To Explain Why Cutting ‘Nasi Impit’ Diagonally Is The Best Way

"Nasi impit: should it be cut diagonally or straightly?" Anwar Farid asked the million dollar question in a Facebook post on the second day of Hari Raya, 25 May. In the post, Anwar used various mathematical formulas to reach a conclusion. His objective was to calculate the surface area, volume, and density of the nasi impit cut in two different ways to understand what are the benefits of... Click here […]

today29 May 2020