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The Disreputable ‘Haunted’ SG House Will Be Auctioned For RM4,400,000 Next Month

today14 November 2022


source: Corpse Army Media

If you’re Malaysian, a horror enthusiast or simply an avid news reader, chances are you’re familiar with the SG house in Bukit Gasing- yep, the one that’s surrounded by numerous rumours encompassing infidelity and murder.

In 2020, JUICE discussed these alleged happenings in an article.

Among them, some said that the owner, who many believe is named Sanjay Gill, had taken his own life in the face of a major financial crash in his business; but the most widely known rumour is that his wife had murdered his mistress in the house and hung herself right after.

To exacerbate the situation, others alleged that the property was used for black magic practices.

Despite all that, according to the Selangor Auction Property Facebook page, the house will be up for auction this December, valued at RM4.4 million. The Alfa Romeo and a Porsche mysteriously parked outside aren’t included (sorry to kill…

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Written by: Lara Kramer