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The Touching Story Behind Miss Universe Thailand 2022’s Upcycled Gown Made With Pull-Tabs

today13 January 2023


source: Instagram

During the Miss Universe 2022 preliminary round on Thursday, Thailand’s Anna Sueangam-iam quite literally dazzled the audience with her recycled dress fashioned from aluminium pull-tabs.

It is officially known as the “Hidden Precious Diamond Dress” and also incorporates Swarovski diamonds attached to pull-tabs from can drinks.

Besides its stunning appearance, the gown also holds a certain sentimental value, and was a way for Anna to pay homage to her parents. The candidate’s father is a garbage collector, whilst her mother works as a street sweeper.

Clad in the fine piece crafted by MANIRAT, Anna remarked on Instagram, “You shouldn’t let the troubled circumstances you were born into hold you back; instead, feel that you have the ability to improve the quality of your own life.”

To go into detail, the 24-year-old was born in Bangkok, where her mother and father worked as garbage collectors for…

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Written by: Lara Kramer