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Malaysians Working Together To Rescue Lost Poodle In KL Will Melt Your Heart

Chong had previouslyΒ shared on Facebook that a boarding facility lost Dafi while in their care."Last Tuesday, 12 April, I placed my dog at Pets Way, Taman Segar because I went outstation for work. I was informed that they lost my dog because they accidentally left the door open and my dog ran out," he said, urging social media users to help him find his dog.On Monday, 26 April, the owner […]

today27 April 2021

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OKU Perfume Seller’s Business Booms After Kind Malaysians Support His Online Store

Twitter user @shykinnΒ first found out about Foo Chia Keat when she stumbled upon the seller's livestream on Shopee.She said the seller only had seven viewers, but she was moved when she realised that he was a person with disabilities (OKU)."I just went in to see what he was selling. Then, I stalked his profile and found out he sells home and car fragrances," she said, impressed."He speaks Bahasa Melayu very […]

today22 April 2021

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Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli Is Opening In Shah Alam

In an earlier post, Mohd Ali wrote that it was with a heavy heart that he has to leave Sarawak, where he had been selling nasi lemak since 2016 in Kuching and Kota Samarahan."Even though the business has been growing, it is not easy for a husband and wife to be apart. We have to change our plans and follow God's path," he shared."NLJT is actually my wife's business. She […]

today1 February 2021

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Teacher Shares How A Determined Mum Learnt About Apps To Help With Her Kid’s Online Class

He said she intially looked flustered and struggled to remember her phone number which needed to be keyed in after downloading the app.However, she soon came back in with her phone number written on her hand as well as the confirmation code on her phone."Is this it, cikgu?" she asked him, to which he replied it was and that he can help her register now.Nazirul said he registered her for […]

today27 January 2021

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Japanese Man Finds Late Father Waiting For His Mother To Come Home On Google Earth

True enough, many found images of their loved ones who were no longer with them."That's a very nice story. When I looked up my mother's parents' house in the countryside, I found my grandfather, who died four years ago, heading home from the market with my grandmother like they always did," said a Twitter user."I immediately sent the picture to my mother and the family. Everyone was so happy. Thank […]

today13 January 2021