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These Are The 7 Richest TikTok Stars In The World Right Now

In case you didn’t know dancing on TikTok can earn you big bucks!



In the recent years, millionaires seem to pop out from mega high earning online personalities, YouTubers, or even streamers.

But even in the ever so changing online fame world, we have new talents grazing the world from different platforms constantly. The craze this time would have to be TikTok!

These new breed of online stars has emerged, that on the surface at least, and it seems like they’re getting paid for not doing a lot. I mean, if you call dancing in front of your phone camera hard work, then yeah.

But just who are these talented individuals and what are they getting paid for? Check the deets down below:

1. Addison Rae

Influencer Marketing Hub

Earnings: $5 million

TikTok followers: 54.8 million

She’s signed endorsement deals with Fashion Nova, Reebok and Daniel Wellington, and has 25 million followers on Instagram to boot. That’s a huge flex for her industry.

2. Charli D’Emelio

ITP Live

Earnings: $4 million

TikTok Followers: 77.9 million

She’s only 26 and the most-followed person on the app! She had built her followers within a year to close 8 million to date. She has since been an opening act for the Jonas Brothers, is the face of Hollister, and even attended Paris Fashion Week to record the event on TikTok for Prada.

3. Dixie D’Amelio


Earnings: $2.9 million

TikTok Followers: 32 million

Yes we have a sibling power duo! Older sis Dixie has a fair share of millions herself!

4. Loren Gray


Earnings: $2.6 million

TikTok Followers: 46.2 million

She come in hot as the second highest followed person on TikTok. As she spreads her wigs to other professions, Loren is venturing into the music industry and has deals with Hyundai and Skechers as well.

5. Josh Richards


Earnings: $1.5 million

TikTok followers: 20.9 million

We finally have a guy, in the TikTok fame clan! Some fans believe he can be a little controversial, however, that might just be what lands him a wide portfolio through which makes serious bank.

6. Michael Le (tied)


Earnings: $1.5 million

TikTok followers: 36.2 million

Michael makes TikTok videos with his 5-year-old brother that has become wildly successful on both TikTok and YouTube. Talk about talent running the family.

7. Spencer X (tied)

Daily Mail

Earnings: $1.5 million

TikTok followers: 40.2 million

Would you believe me if I said he is the first beatboxer to make it huge on TikTok?! Well he is, and superb at it too. He now has sponsorship with deals such as Uno, Oreo and Sony, and is turning his beatboxing career into legit industry success.


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