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This Incredible Time-Lapse Clip Will Show You How Stranger Things’ Vecna Comes To Life

today16 June 2022


source: Instagram (@barriegower)

Vecna, played by Jamie Campbell Bower, is the main antagonist of Season 4 of Stranger Things on Netflix.

The slimy, veiny, vine-covered roguish creature targets Max (Sadie Sink) in the series, and the Hawkins posse realises that the only way for her to circumvent being killed by his curse is to play her favourite song- Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’.

Vecna takes on a humanlike form and can communicate with his victims, but he wasn’t generated using high-tech CGI- rather he is the product of carefully conjured extreme prosthetics.

source: IMDb

Bower was transformed into the creepy being by the Stranger Things prosthetics team, headed by Barrie Gower.

Gower served as a Prosthetics Supervisor on Game of Thrones from Season 4 to Season 8. He is also revered for his stunning work on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, The Iron Lady, and The Witcher.

On June 15, an intriguing…

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Written by: Lara Lee