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Three M’sians Arrested At Schiphol Airport For Smuggling 300,000 Baby Eels Out Of Holland

today15 April 2022


source: National Geographic

It was reported yesterday (April 14) that three Malaysian citizens, comprising of two men and a woman, were arrested at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport with hundreds of thousands of baby eels in their possession.

They were travelling back to Malaysia through Portugal.

The three have since been detained, after drawing suspicion for lugging around eight hefty suitcases on Monday.

Netherlands food safety monitoring officers clarified that 105kg, or approximately 300,000 baby eels were almost smuggled through bags, complete with water to accommodate the snake-like creatures.

source: NST

They also confirmed that the eels will be returned to Dutch waters.

The elvers were identified as glass eels, worth $500 (RM 2,100) per pound. In previous years, their value went up to $2400 (RM10,200), due to their vital contribution to Asian aquaculture.

BBC also states that their costliness is also the result of…

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Written by: Lara Lee