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Trolls Band Together; A Fun Fest with Catchy Bops!

today17 November 2023


The trolls are back!

This is their third outing, acting as the follow-up to Trolls (2016) and Trolls World Tour (2020). Anna Kendrick resumes position as the lead along with Justin Timberlake, bringing Queen Poppy and Branch to life as colourful trolls who are now officially a couple. It is now that Branch finally reveals his secret to her – that he was once part of her favorite boy band phenomenon, BroZone! And now, they are set on a mission to reunite the brothers and rescue one of them who is kidnapped.

And yes, this film is full of hilarious pop-culture puns and name-drops involving boy bands such as NSYNC, One Direction, and most glaringly obvious, Boyzone. Which is fitting, considering Timberlake himself was once a member of the five-piece NSYNC.

The film is full of catchy tunes, the kind that will have you running to Spotify so you can stack them in your ‘favourites’ playlist. It also features the song “Better Place” by NSYNC, marking the band’s first song together in 22 years.

As usual, DreamWorks doesn’t disappoint with its animation and art style. It’s also a game of guessing who are the famous voices behind these adorable colourful trolls – Troye Sivan, Camila Cabello, and Kid Cudi are in it too!

Trolls band together will surely be a hit with the kids, and for the adults too! Watch it in theaters near you.

Written by: Farah Qistina

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