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Watch: Frontliner Shares Husbands Unique Skill That Instantly Calms Down Crying Son

Ah, how adorable!



Recently, a father had to show a unique ‘skill’ – in the form of a “moving cradle” – to comfort his crying son. The fathers loving action in calming his distraught son was so amusing that it attracted the attention of netizens.


Husband “dodoi” (cradles) son in wife’s batik.

Through a video shared by a user Kak Joy, she explains that as a frontliner, she was rushing to work and was not able to comfort her crying son.


“Mama needs to get to work now, darling. Can’t stay with you for too long.”


In comes her husband, who picks up their crying son, and places him in a sling-like batik wrap. Not long after, their son miraculously stops crying.


“Terer pak hang jaga baby.”

The 38-second video has since gone viral, raking up over 250 thousand views and 21 thousand likes.


“Mama as a frontliner has to go to work too. Papa Terer takes care of the baby [while I’m at work].” 


@kakjoy18Terrer pak hang jaga baby. ?#kakjoy #fyp #fypシ #frontliners♬ original sound – kak joy


In the comments, hundreds of netizens shared their delight at seeing the father and his patient, loving actions.

Read the full article here.

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