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Watch: Katy Perry’s New Music Video Includes This Famous Lookalike & A Decade Long Joke

today23 December 2020


Katy Perry is known for her wacky outfits, different personas in music videos (i.e. the geeky Kathy Beth Perry in ‘TGIF’),  and over the top music video sets (I mean, who could forget the toothache inducing ‘California Girls’ music video?). Heck, she even announced her pregnancy via a gorgeous music video! Impossible is not a word in the 36-year-olds vocabulary. And with the recent release of her sixth studio album, ‘Smile’, in August this year, she’s ready to remind the world of just how extra (in a good way, of course!) she can be – with a little help from a certain lookalike actress.



(Source: Instagram / @similarbutdifferent_)


In the newly released music video for ‘Not The End of the World’, intergalactic fans of Katy Perry (aka ET Katy Kats) are seen looking for the ‘Hot N Cold’ singer. However, instead of zapping up Katy Perry, the aliens mistakenly abduct actress Zooey Deschanel (‘New Girl’, ‘500 Days of Summer’). Deschanel has been likened to the five-time Billboard Music Award winner for years now, with the duo sporting similar features.


(Source: Pinterest)


The video centres around this theme, following Deschanel as she tries to prove that she is not, in fact, the California girl herself. Throughout the video, Deschanel is forced to wear wigs and costumes that will transport fans through some of Perry’s more famous looks. The actress goes along with the antics if only to save the Earth.



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The idea for the music video came to Perry while she was on maternity leave, having just welcomed her daughter Daisy Dove with fiancé Orlando Bloom in August. Being otherwise occupied, Perry suggested that Deschanel take her place in the video. During an almost hour-long Instagram Live session with 40-year-old Deschanel, Perry discussed how the video was shot in one day (by the talented duo Similar but Different) but that she had decided to leave the meaning of the video up to interpretation. She elaborated,


“For me, this time how it feels somewhat overwhelming and how we forget to disconnect and sometimes we need to just unplug our phones . . . but sometimes we just need to put our feet in the grass and we need to find balance and kind of come off of our devices and enjoy Mother Nature and all this beauty that she’s given us and take pause.”


Watch the wacky video here:



*Cover image credits: Instagram / @zooeydeschanel

Written by: Marissa Anne

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