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WATCH: This Abused Dog Prompts Its Rescuer To Burst Into Tears

today11 June 2021

*T/W: Animal abuse. Reader discretion is advised.


This woman could not stand seeing the way the abused dog is treated, and neither can we.Β 

A TikTok video captured a woman who approached a plastic bag tied up with something inside. Upon undoing the knot, she discovered a poor little black dog and that the rope was actually tied around its neck.Β 


Berbuat baiklah kepada semua makhluk Allah. Tak rugi pun kalau kita buat baik dekat haiwan ❀️ #fypγ‚· #fyp #doglover #pencintahaiwan #sad #pets #pets

♬ rintihan rindu – Adek Nurul

She could be heard exclaiming, β€œJap, sayang (Hang on, lovey),” before telling her friend,Β 

β€œAku tak boleh lah, sedih lah tengok dia!

(I cannot, it breaks my heart seeing him like that!)”

The woman began to cry, as her friend tried to console her,

β€œTak payah lah nangis. Dah, dah, dah. Bawa keluar dia.

(Don’t cry. It’s okay, it’s okay. Get him out.)”

Β The woman sobbed with tears streaming down her face, asking,

β€œTak ada air ke? Dia ni, air liur dia meleleh… Kesian dia!

(Do we have water? Look at him, he’s drooling… This poor thing!)”

The video is captioned,

β€œBe nice to all of God’s creatures. You won’t lose a thing from being kind to animals❀️”

Another TikTok user left a comment saying,

β€œAku pun nangis tengok dia nangis [sic],

(Watching her cry made me cry, too.)”

Another commenter brought onions to the party by saying,

β€œAwak awak semua perhati betul-betul anjing tu pandang je mata sis yang tolong dia tu, macam nak ucap terima kasih ? ? ?

(All of you, watch the dog closely. He’s looking into the eyes of the lady who rescued him like he’s trying to say β€˜thank you’ ? ? ?)”

Aqilah continues to post updates regarding the dog’s well-being on her TikTok account, posting heart-warming videos of herself with the dog who is now happy and healthy.

*blows noisily into tissue*


*Cover image via TikTok @aqilahyuhanis54

Written by: Farah Qistina

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