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We Have Nothing But “High Expectations” For Mabel In Her Just Released Debut Album

today2 August 2019


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“The reason High Expectations has been highly anticipated is because I took my time. I could have given everybody a project a year ago, with 14 or 15 really good songs. But I didn’t want to do that”.

Was it worth the wait?, I have to say it was most definitely worth every wait! She blew us right out of the water with her debut album released today, August 2nd, ‘High Expectations’. On High Expectations, one family member she has worked with is her half-brother, songwriter, producer and former Mattafix frontman Marlon Roudette.She says: “When I first started making music in London, I worked with a few people — experimenting and sitting around figuring things out. My brother played a massive part in that.

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“He’s 14 years older than me, so making music together has been our way to find our friendship.”

Mabel says making High Expectations was a journey of self-exploration and not always easy.“I am only interested in making music with people that I gel with as I have to open my heart and be honest and that isn’t easy. You often have to dig up old wounds and put yourself under a magnifying glass. My songs have to be my own story.”

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“Being pop star used to be about perfection…but I am very human”

Mabel has proven to create hits over and over again, with her distinctive voice there really is no room for not enjoying her music, High Expectation is an album that will get you in the mood to let that boy who has been holding you back and party with the girlfriends!

So here are Mabel’s songs from her album High Expectations:


And if you just cant seem to get enough of Mabel, don’t worry FlyFM has got your back, there will be an interview on air with Mabel herself, don’t forget to check it out at 7 PM!

Written by: Varesha

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