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What Is Calrose Rice? Here Are 3 Different Ways You Can Cook It

today3 January 2022


Cover image viaΒ SAYS

Rice! I eat it, you eat it, but how well do we actually know our rice?

Some of the most commonly used rice includes long grain rice, which is often found in Mexican cuisine, like burritos. Other examples of long grain rice include basmati rice for Indian cuisine, as well as Jasmine rice for Thai food.

Short grain rice, like calrose rice, is typically used as sushi rice for Japanese dishes. Risotto is made using another kind of short grain rice. Glutinous or mochi rice is also from the same category, and is mostly used for desserts.

Calfresh rice is a variety of calrose rice. While it’s usually found in Japanese cooking, we wanted to see if we could use it to make three dishes from different cuisines that typically use long grain rice.

Brenda:Β I want to focus on Calfresh rice, specifically Jasmine Calfresh Rice.”

And to put it to the test, we invited two of our best friends to taste it. Watch the full video below to see what they thought:

For the first dish, we created nasi kerabu using traditional spices and water soaked with butterfly pea flower

Surprisingly, calrose rice worked perfectly well for nasi kerabu

Gwen:Β Honestly, I can’t tell the difference.”

Iylia:Β “It’s actually pretty good.”

Gwen:Β “Mmhmm!”

Iylia:Β “I like it.”

But our friends were really mindblown when it came to our rendition of Hainanese chicken rice using calrose rice :O

Gwen:Β “Oh my gosh, that’s really good!”

Iylia:Β “Woah, I’m surprised.”

Gwen:Β “I’m surprised too. It actually kind of reminds me of like, the chicken rice balls, because they’re more like dense-ish.”

And to cap it all off, we made dessert rice pudding <3

Who knew that Jasmine Calfresh rice could work so well with dishes from all different kinds of cuisines? πŸ˜€

With more than 50 years of producing quality rice products for Malaysians, Jasmine Food Corporation is now the leading company for rice distribution in the country, offering all kinds of varieties, ranging from fragrant rice and white rice, to basmati and calrose rice.

Jasmine Calfresh, in particular, is a high quality rice variety, featuring a starchy and soft texture. Overall, it’s suitable for all kinds of home meals, whether you’re thinking of whipping up a traditional nasi dish or even a sweet treat!


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Written by: Syauqi Shamsul