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Yasmin Ahmad’s ‘Mukhsin’ Gets 4K Digital Restoration in One-Time Public Screening at GSC Mid Valley

today16 March 2022


Celebrate Yasmin Ahmad Through These Personal Stories By Those Who Knew Her Intimately
source: Eksentrika

In recent times, Malaysians have been feeling the solemn absence of acclaimed director, Yasmin Ahmad.

Her distinct way of weaving a beautiful story brimming with poignance and cultural relevance that united all Malaysians even in the face of adversity was unparalleled to any director working today.

When she passed away, local cinema just didn’t feel the same and even when a film came close to reaching the prime standard set by the beloved director, there was always a significant gap that only she could fill.

While we are never going to watch a new film by her, we can still appreciate her existing works by streaming them on Netflix.

But if streaming on a small screen isn’t enough, you’re in luck because one of Yasmin Ahmad’s finest, Mukhsin is getting a 4K resolution digital restoration and will be premiering in GSC Mid Valley this 26 March 2022.

The screening will be carried out by The Japan…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli