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‘You’ Season 2 Has A New Official Trailer That Will Give You Major Nightmares

Creepyyy is an understatement!



So, a couple of weeks ago, Netflix dropped a teaser trailer for Season 2 to their crazily popular and incredibly horrifying show, You, and it was certainly enough to make your skin crawl. But now they’re back creepier than ever (if that’s even possible). Joe now goes by the name of Will, and hes back to his stalking creepy ways but this time in the land of Hollywood, Los Angeles. 

Joe/Will has found his new victim, and were keeping our fingers crossed that she doesn’t end up like you know who, Beck! Speaking of Will’s lover, Beck, no spoilers but her gruesome discovering will have you feeling anger and sadness for Guinevere Beck.

Oh how can I forget, his other ex girlfriend who survived his wrath, Candace is in town. This trailer DEFINITELY plays more like an outright horror movie than the first teaser, and the cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” playing softly in the background is an A+ touch. 

Watch the trailer down below, don’t say I didn’t warn you:

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